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Windward Islands Surf & Sunsets

Revel in seven days of surf, sand and sunsets during this leisurely cruise up and down the Caribbean’s Windward Islands. It’s a perfect vacation getaway for anyone craving a quick escape from life’s everyday obligations. Swim among sea turtles and glide above dazzling coral reefs with a highly skilled diving guide off the coast of Les Saintes’ volcanic shoreline. Stroll the weather-beaten parapets of the citadel of El Morro near San Juan, Puerto Rico and run your fingers along the stone scars left by Dutch invasions and American bombardments. Then clip into a zip line and hang on as moss-covered limbs and colorful wild birds rush by your head as you glide through St. Lucia’s rainforest canopy. Vacation time is always well spent among the Windward Islands, but nothing makes it more perfect than the personalized attention and unique excursion opportunities offered by Windstar.

03/04/2023 through 11/18/2024
03/04/2023 through 11/30/2024

Day 1 San Juan, Puerto Rico
Day 2 At Sea
Day 3 St. GeorgeS, Grenada, Grenada

Arrive Time: 9:00 AM – Depart Time: 10:00 PM
Day 4 Bequia, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines

Arrive Time: 8:00 AM – Depart Time: 10:00 PM
Day 5 Pigeon Island, St. Lucia, Saint Lucia

Arrive Time: 8:00 AM – Depart Time: 5:00 PM
Day 6 Les Saintes, Guadeloupe, Guadeloupe

Arrive Time: 8:00 AM – Depart Time: 5:00 PM
Day 7 Philipsburg, St. Maarten, Saint Maarten

Arrive Time: 8:00 AM – Depart Time: 2:00 PM
Day 8 San Juan, Puerto Rico

St. Martin

Thirty seven sandy beaches, sparkling Caribbean seas, soothing trade winds, fine dining and incredible duty free shopping combine to make St.Martin/St.Maarten a true vacationers paradise.

Destination St. Martin is proud to represent a number of smaller hotels on the French side of the island; generally not the type of places found in the glossy tourist brochures but rather more intimate yet immaculate properties which allow the visitor to experience true island life. Accommodations are available on the beach in the beautiful French village of Grand Case, in Nettle Bay near the town of Marigot and at popular Orient Beach.

The smallest island in the world ever to have been partitioned between two different nations, St. Martin/St. Maarten has been shared by the French and the Dutch in a spirit of neighborly cooperation and mutual friendship for almost 350 years.

The border is almost imperceptible and people cross back and forth without ever realizing they are entering a new country. The only marker is a monument between Union Road and Bellevue, testifying to centuries of peaceful cohabitation and the treaty that made the arrangement possible.

All the same, each side has managed to retain much of the distinctiveness of its own national culture. The French tend to emphasize comfort and elegance. The beaches are secluded, the luxury resorts provide lavish accommodations, and the restaurants offer some of the finest dining experiences anywhere in the Caribbean. The latest French fashions can be found in many of the shops, and the smell of fresh croissants and pastries mixes everywhere with the spicy aromas of West Indian cooking. Small caf’e9s and charming bistros add a decidedly Gaelic and cosmopolitan flair to the place. On the whole the atmosphere remains very relaxed.

11/09/24 - 11/16/24

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11/23/24 - 11/30/24

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