Nha Trang

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There are two waterfalls in the vicinity of Nha Trang, both of which make for excellent excursions into nature. Ba Ho Falls, at a distance of roughly 30km north from central Nha Trang, are the falls that attract most visitors. You will need a ride to reach the entrance to the natural area (get a taxi or Grab). Bring swimwear, sturdy shoes (not flip flops), and your own water. Note that water volumes may vary dramatically depending on whether you visit during or outside dry season (January through August). Another option are Fairy Spring Waterfalls (Suối Tiên), mostly favoured by local youth. These are much smaller compared to Ba Ho, but there is still an opening fit for swimming. There is a small admission fee to visit both falls.

Useful Information

  • Address: Ninh Ích, Ninh Hòa, Khanh Hoa Province
  • More Info: 8.00-16.30